Ferrari SF71H Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel– Amalgam 1:8 Scale Model

Ferrari SF71H Kimi Räikkönen / Sebastian Vettel 2018 – Amalgam 1:8 Scale Model

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Another masterpiece in the Amalgam Collection with enduring value.

The Amalgam team go to great lengths to capture the precise shape and proportions of every part of the SF71H - including the chassis, engine and drivetrain. Their designers take 600 – 800 photographs of every aspect and detail of each car in order to completely understand the interior & exterior finishes and detailing. The SF71H has taken approximately 2500 hours to develop and each model takes around 160 hours to hand-craft.

A fine, handmade 1:8 scale collector’s model of the Ferrari SF71H. Available in both Vettel and Räikkönen versions. This model has been created utilising the original CAD data supplied directly by Ferrari GES and has undergone strict scrutiny by both the design and engineering teams to ensure complete accuracy.

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