Williams Racing 2006 Wind Tunnel Front Wing Table

Williams Racing 2006 Wind Tunnel Front Wing Table

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The perfect item for any F1 and Williams enthusiast – this Williams front wing has been re-imagined into a stylish table, ready to house in your home or office space.

This table has been created using the front wing of a wind tunnel tested Williams FW28 F1 car, which was used to develop the cars driven during the 2006 FIA Formula One World Championship™ by Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg who finished 14th and 17th in the Driver Standings respectively.

Featuring the liveries of the 2006 season and sponsorship branding from FedEx, this product comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

How Wind Tunnels work
Wind tunnels allow all teams to test new parts ahead of a forthcoming event, not only testing the parts but also the mixed conditions, for example the rolling road in the tunnel has the ability to turn making it possible to test the parts in a cross wind situation and this allows the engineers to look at the data to see how the specific parts behave.

The wind tunnel is of paramount importance for development of an F1 car. Most teams now have a 60% scale model in the tunnel running wheels on, which means there is even more correlation to the real size car with real machined parts in both metal and carbon. There are tight restrictions on testing times for the teams so they have to make good use of the allocated time, that means understanding the real size car to then know where improvements need to be made so those parts can be tested in the wind tunnel to prove the concept; if that part doesn't work, then another part will be tried.

On the reverse of that, engineers need to understand the model characteristics to be able to build a competitive full-scale car at the beginning of each season. Some of the larger teams will be testing 2,000 plus parts a month.

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