Rene Arnoux “Ready” | Limited Edition Framed Print by Richard Kelley

Rene Arnoux “Ready” | Limited Edition Framed Print by Richard Kelley

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Richard Kelley started out his career as a fully accredited F1 photographer in 1972 at the United States Grand Prix. He quickly adopted his characteristic ‘fly on the wall’ style of photography – getting as close as he could to the moments, without influencing the emotion or drama of the moment. He witnessed and recorded hidden moments that became pivotal incidents in Grand Prix history.

Richard’s images have sat unpublished for more than 30 years and we’re proud to release these stunning limited edition prints for sale.

This photo captures Rene Arnoux - as described by Richard:

“Rain is closing in and René Arnoux's eye is locked onto a Watkins Glen track that will soon be cold, soaking, and treacherous. Last season, Renault's fragile turbocharged RE01 was the joke in the paddock. This season, his RE10, while still unreliable, allowed him to duel with Gilles Villeneuve’s Ferrari at Dijon, and capture two podiums. On this day, he’ll battle through to finish second in the 1979 US Grand Prix, and his third podium, once again behind his great friend, Gilles.”

The black & white photo is professionally printed and framed with a black frame and white mount and features a hand-written limited edition number.

The framed print measures 75cm x 55cm and is protected with museum-grade perspex 'artscreen' instead of glass - you won't be able to tell the difference when it's hanging on your wall.

Limited edition of 50 prints.