Reynard 2KF Spec Chassis Chrysler 3.5l V6 2001

Reynard 2KF Spec Chassis Chrysler 3.5l V6 2001

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This is one of the last cars that Reynard built and it was designed for the International Single Seater Challenge (ISSC series). The Reynard-Chrysler combined the new state-of-the-art Reynard chassis with a powerful V6 engine from Chrysler.

The chassis is a carbon composite monocoque which was FIA crash tested to F3000 requirements; with double-impact on nose box for use on oval courses. Bodywork: Glass-fibre bodywork sections.  Aluminium wings.  Foam cockpit surround and head protection. Engine: All-aluminium Chrysler 3,500cc 90º 24-valve V6. Direct air inlet and fuel injection, MBE electronic control system, developing 325 bhp @ 7,000 rpm and 260 lb.ft torque @ 5,500 rpm. Transmission: Hewland NMT 6-speed sequential gearbox, TPT Powerflow Limited-slip differential. Shock Absorbers: Quantum adjustable.

The engine has been recently rebuilt and has zero hours on it.  The gearbox was fully re-built at the same time and has a new diff and new ratios. The Billet rocker gear has also been upgraded on this car as these were seen as a weakness on these engines

Some spares are available including a set of wets mounted and numerous setup sheets and data from when it ran.

Ready to race!

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