Titanium Brake Bobbin Keychain

F1™ Titanium Brake Bobbin Keychain

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Carry your car keys in F1™ style!

This genuine 'raced'  F1™ Titanium Brake Bobbin has been retired from the race and re-styled into a handy keychain; the perfect accessory for your car keys.

Just one of the approximately 80,000 components of an F1 car, the bobbin plays a vital role in braking. When the brakes are applied, torque is transmitted from the brake disc to the bell, via the bobbin. The bobbin is designed to allow a specific amount of 'float', which allows the disc to expand and contract under high temperature; increasing the longevity of the brake components.

A perfect gift for F1™ fans, the keychain is packaged in a luxury box and comes complete with an official certificate of authenticity to verify its Formula One™ past.