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Formula One Gifts

This ultimate collection of Formula One™ gifts is guaranteed to please! Stylish pieces created from genuine raced Formula One™ car parts, the ultimate F1™ artworks and official F1™ signed photos. Find the perfect gift for the Formula One™ fans in your life. 

$ MXN 7,096.61
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Paul Oz is the buzz word in Formula One art; widely acclaimed for his explosive and energetic artworks and well-respected for his genuine passion for the sport.

We are proud to present to you this very limited edition official Paul Oz 'Taxi for Senna' (2016 edition) portrait print - portraying the legendary Mansell/Senna 'taxi ride'. Available as part of a strictly limited edition of just 200 prints. Each framed print measures approx 87 cm L x 85cm W and is professionally framed in a black frame, with white mount for maximum impact.

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