Red Bull Exhaust Pipe Lamp

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Unique floor-standing exhaust lamp.

A show-piece for the centre of any sophisticated living room or office, the main feature of this sculptured lamp is a hand-polished, race-used Red Bull Racing exhaust system. This exhaust used to glow hot as it expelled engine fumes as the Red Bull F1 cars raced at speeds of up to 340kph in the 2008 RB4 car. Driven by Mark Webber and David Coulthard in what was to be his last year of racing in Formula One. Constructed from the Inconel ""super-alloy"" due to its oxidation and corrosion resistant properties; well suited to extreme environments, the retired exhaust system has been given a new lease of life as an interior design style statement.

No detail has been missed in this lamp; with Red Bull Racing gearbox rings used to house the warm glow of the halogen lightbulbs, and a remote control operating system which can even be used to control other lighting appliances within your home/office.

The finishing touch to this collectors' piece is a Red Bull Racing Life history. More than just a certificate of authenticity, these documents are hand-signed by Christian Horner, Team Principle and Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer and describe the individual Red Bull Racing life history of the part(s) used in your item. The lamp has been designed and manufactured in the UK and measures approximately 2 metres tall.

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