Carbon Fibre Lampshade

Carbon Fibre Lampshade

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Carbon Fibre Lampshade
5 times stronger than steel and half its weight, the Carbon Fibre used for the world's best fast cars starts off as a roll of woven fabric. Ideal to create the sleek curves of our favourite racing cars, and of this curvaceous lampshade!

The Carbon Fibre is moulded into shape and cured in an Autoclave at 135 degrees celcius and 90 PSI for 90 mins to ensure the highest quality composite structure. Finished with a high-gloss clear coat to show-off the Carbon Fibre. Pure, solid Carbon Fibre – the same carbon as used in the manufacture of F1 car bodywork.

You can’t help be memorised by the Carbon Fibre weave of this beautiful lampshade.

Lampshade measures: 19cmH x 26cm Diameter and weighs just 500g!

Suitable for standard lamp bases.
Maximum wattage: 60